City of San Antonio

Historic and Design Review Commission (HDRC)

Development and Business Service Center
1901 South Alamo
San Antonio, Texas 78204

Wednesday, April 17, 2024 2:00 PM

The Historic and Design Review Commission (“HDRC”) will hold its regular meeting in the Board Room at 1901 South Alamo, beginning at 2:00 p.m. Once a quorum is established, the Historic and Design Review Commission will take up the following items no sooner than the designated times. 

To watch and listen to this meeting, visit To call to listen to audio only, in English or Spanish, call 210-206-LIVE (5483).

Members of the public can comment on items on the agenda, consistent with procedural rules governing HDRC meetings and state law. Public comments may also be provided as follows:

1.    Leave a voice message a maximum of two minutes by dialing 210-206-HDRC(4372) by 12 noon on the day of the meeting. Voicemail messages will be played during the meeting. Please include your full name, home or work address, the item number and item address of the request. 

2.    Submit written comments to [email protected] by 12 noon on the day of the meeting. Please include your full name, home or work address, the item number and item address of the request. Written comments will be part of the official written record only.

3.    Attend the in-person hearing and signup to speak before the meeting begins at 3 PM. Each member of the public will have two minutes to speak unless otherwise directed by the Chair.

Work Session
2:00 P.M.  Staff will provide Commissioners training on signage guidelines and standards in the Tobin Conference Room at 1901 S. Alamo.  No cases to be heard until 3:00 P.M.

3:00 P.M. – Call to Order
  • Roll Call
  • Chair’s Statement
  • Public Comments
Approval of Minutes
Approval of March 20, 2024, HDRC Meeting Minutes. 

Items are placed on the consent agenda when staff recommends approval or recommends approval with stipulations that the applicant agrees to. Any member of the public desiring to speak on a consent agenda item may sign up and be heard prior to voting on the consent agenda. Commissioners may request to remove any item from the consent agenda and have it placed on the individual consideration agenda. All items on the consent agenda will be considered for approval by one motion adopting the items with staff findings and recommendations.
Address/Description:    139 PALO BLANCO ST
HDRC Case No.:    2024-104
Request:    Historic Landmark Designation
City Council Dist.:    3

Address/Description:    421 N MEDINA
HDRC Case No.:    2024-147
Applicant:    Jennifer Gonzalez/Partners in Community Development
Request:    Rehabilitation, fenestration modifications, construction of circulation additions, site work
City Council Dist.:    5

Address/Description:    300 CONVENT
HDRC Case No.:    2024-145
RIO District:    RIO-3
Applicant:    Katherine Moltz
Request:    Master signage plan
City Council Dist.:    1

Address/Description:    1012 W MULBERRY AVE
HDRC Case No.:    2024-150
Landmark Name:    Individual Landmark
Applicant:    Eduardo F. and Marie H. Reyna
Request:    Historic Tax Verification
City Council Dist.:    1

Address/Description:    434 ADAMS ST
HDRC Case No.:    2024-124
Historic District Name:    King William
Applicant:    Jacob Dady/DADY JACOB MATTHEW
Request:    New construction of a two-story accessory structure
City Council Dist.:    1

Address/Description:    147 E MISTLETOE
HDRC Case No.:    2024-154
Historic District Name:    Monte Vista
Applicant:    ricardo vigil/YOUR IMAGE SIGNS AND DISPLAYS
Request:    Signage
City Council Dist.:    1

New cases
Address/Description:    314 MUNCEY
HDRC Case No.:    2024-146
Historic District Name:    Dignowity Hill
Applicant:    Adan Ochoa/AO Design, LLC
Request:    Construction of an addition, rehabilitation, roof replacement, fenestration modifications, porch modifications
City Council Dist.:    2

Address/Description:    416 WILLOW ST
HDRC Case No.:    2024-149
Historic District Name:    Dignowity Hill
Applicant:    Fernando Fernandez
Request:    Window replacement, Historic Tax Certification & Verification
City Council Dist.:    2

Address/Description:    1231 S ALAMO ST
HDRC Case No.:    2024-148
Historic District Name:    King William
Applicant:    Theresa Mauricio/NEW DAY CUSTOM HOMES LLC
Request:    Request for a waiver, new curb cut and driveway installation
City Council Dist.:    1

Address/Description:    529 DEVINE ST
HDRC Case No.:    2024-135
Historic District Name:    Lavaca
Request:    Carport construction
City Council Dist.:    1

Address/Description:    331 FURR DR
HDRC Case No.:    2024-138
Historic District Name:    Monticello Park
Applicant:    Aaron Longoria /All in remodeling
Request:    Wholesale siding replacement and second story addition modifications
City Council Dist.:    7


At any time during the meeting, the Historic and Design Review Commission may meet in executive session for consultation with the City Attorney's Office concerning attorney-client matters under Chapter 551 of the Texas Government Code.

The City of San Antonio ensures meaningful access to City meetings, programs and services by reasonably providing: translation and interpretation, materials in alternate formats, and other accommodations upon request.  To request these services call (210) 207¬2098 or Relay Texas 711 or by requesting these services online at  Providing at least 72 hours’ notice will help to ensure availability.

La Ciudad de San Antonio garantiza acceso a las reuniones, los programas y los servicios de la Ciudad proporcionando: traducción e interpretación, materiales en formatos alternativos y otras adaptaciones a pedido. Para solicitar estos servicios llame al (210) 207¬2098 o Relay Texas 711 o solicite estos servicios en línea en Dando un aviso al menos 72 horas antes ayudará a garantizar la disponibilidad.

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