City of San Antonio

City Council A Session

Municipal Plaza Building
114 W. Commerce Street
San Antonio, Texas 78205

Thursday, February 2, 2023 9:00 AM Municipal Plaza Building

The City Council will hold its regular meeting in the Norma S. Rodriguez Council Chamber in the Municipal Plaza Building located at 114 W. Commerce Street beginning at the above referenced date and time for the following items.  Once convened, the City Council will take up the following items in any order during the meeting but no sooner than the designated times.
9:00AM: Call to Order
Members of the public can comment on items on the agenda. To sign up to speak visit Click on meetings and events and select the meeting you’d like to participate in. Sign up to speak or submit a written comment. Questions relating to these rules may be directed to the Office of the City Clerk at (210) 207-7253.

Individuals signing up for public comment may register for VIA bus fare or parking validation at VIA bus fare or parking at City Tower Garage (located at 100 Blk N. Main) will be provided to individuals who request the assistance. Staff will provide VIA bus fare passes and parking validation tickets in the lobby of City Council Chambers. 

To view the Live meeting please view our Live Stream
During the meeting, the City Council may meet in executive session for consultation with the City Attorney's Office concerning attorney-client matters under Chapter 551 of the Texas Government Code.
The City of San Antonio ensures meaningful access to City meetings, programs and services by reasonably providing: translation and interpretation, materials in alternate formats, and other accommodations upon request.  To request these services call (210) 207-2098 or Relay Texas 711 or by requesting these services online at  Providing at least 72 hours’ notice will help to ensure availability. 
Intérpretes en español estarán disponibles durante la junta del consejo de la ciudad para los asistentes que lo requieran. También se proveerán intérpretes para los ciudadanos que deseen exponer su punto de vista al consejo de la ciudad. Para más información, llame al (210) 207-7253.

For additional information on any item on this agenda, please visit or call (210) 207-7080.
Pledge of Allegiance
Ordinance approving the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) - State and Local Fiscal Recovery Fund (SLFRF) award recommendations for Non-Profit Social Services (Phase II), Senior Services, Youth Services and Mental Health Services combined competitive solicitation in the amount of $40,150,000; and authorizing the negotiation and execution of contracts and amendments. [Lori Houston, Assistant City Manager; Melody Woosley, Director, Human Services & Erik Walsh, City Manager; Claude Jacob, Director, Health]
Purchase of Services, Supplies and Equipment
Ordinance approving a contract with Caldwell Country Chevrolet, LLC, to provide nine replacement Police Pursuit Chevrolet Tahoe patrol vehicles for the San Antonio Police Department for a total cost of $447,260. Funding is from the FY 2023 Equipment Renewal and Replacement Fund budget. [Ben Gorzell Jr., Chief Financial Officer; Troy Elliott, Deputy Chief Financial Officer, Finance]
Ordinance approving a contract with Cox Subscriptions, Inc., to provide periodical subscriptions for the San Antonio Public Library, beginning upon award and ending November 30, 2025, with two additional, one-year renewal options, for an estimated annual cost of $165,000 included in the respective department's FY 2023 Adopted Budget. Funding for subsequent years is contingent upon City Council approval of the annual budget. [Ben Gorzell Jr., Chief Financial Officer; Troy Elliott, Deputy Chief Financial Officer, Finance]
Acquisition, Sale or Lease of Real Property
Ordinance approving a ten-year lease agreement with Basel Investments, Ltd., at 9179 Grissom Road for use by the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District as a Women, Infants & Children Clinic, for the initial annual rental amount of $138,612. [Lori Houston, Assistant City Manager; John Jacks, Director, Center City Development & Operations]
Boards, Commissions and Committee Appointments
Approving the following Board, Commission and Committee appointments for the remainder of an unexpired term of office to expire May 31, 2023 or for the remainder of a term as indicated below [Debbie Racca-Sittre, City Clerk]
A. Approving the reappointment of Francine Prosser-Johnson (City Manager) to the Fire Fighters’ and Police Officers’ Civil Service Commission for the remainder of a term of office to expire on December 19, 2025
B. Approving the appointment of Maria Fernanda Cardenas (District 4) to the Mayor’s Commission on the Status of Women
Ordinance approving the settlement of a lawsuit styled City of San Antonio v. Time Warner Cable Texas, LLC d/b/a Spectrum and Charter Communications, Case No. 5:17-CV-01232-JKP, in the United States District Court, Western District of Texas, San Antonio Division. [Andy Segovia, City Attorney]
Ordinance approving the issuance by the Arizona Industrial Development Authority of its tax-exempt and/or taxable revenue bonds (the “Bonds”) allocable to the San Antonio Hospital Acquisition Project for purposes of Section 147 (f) of the Internal Revenue Code. The Borrower will pay the City an administrative fee of $280,000 upon the adoption of the requested Ordinance which will be deposited into the General Fund. [Ben Gorzell, Jr., Chief Financial Officer; Troy Elliott, Deputy Chief Financial Officer].
Ordinance approving a Memorandum of Understanding between the City of San Antonio and the United States Chamber of Commerce Foundation to support the Military Spouse Fellowship Program (MSFP) for an amount not to exceed $150,000. Funding is from the FY 2023 General Fund Budget. [Jeff Coyle, Assistant City Manager; Juan Ayala, Director, Military and Veteran Affairs]
Ordinance approving an Omnibus Amendment agreement to the Contract for the Sale of Land for Private Redevelopment and Assignment Agreement with Franklin Development Properties, Ltd and the San Antonio Housing Trust Public Facility Corporation to provide additional improvements for the Greenline North Affordable Housing Project, and increased funding for the project for a total up to $796,876.86. Funding in the amount of $744,835.07 is from the 2017 General Obligation Bond and $52,041.79 will be appropriated from the FY 2023 Tree Canopy Preservation and Mitigation Fund. [Lori Houston, Assistant City ManagerĶ¾ Veronica Garcia, Director, Neighborhood & Housing Services Department]
Ordinance approving a Strategic Partnership Agreement between the City of San Antonio and the Landon Ridge Special Improvement District, generally located west of Potranco Road and Stevens Parkway, in the extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ) of the City of San Antonio, Bexar County. [Roderick Sanchez, Assistant City Manager; Bridgett White, Director, Planning]
Ordinance approving an Interlocal Cooperation Contract between the Texas Department of Public Safety and the San Antonio Police Department for reimbursement of up to $742,694 for services in connection with the Texas Anti-Gang Program and authorizing a personnel complement of one position. [Maria Villagomez, Deputy City Manager; William P. McManus, Chief of Police]
Ordinance approving an Advance Funding Agreement between the City of San Antonio and the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT)  under which the City pays TxDOT in an amount not to exceed $132,000 for the highway guide sign replacement along US 90 and SH 151 with new “Historic Old Hwy 90” signage. Funding is from the FY 2023 City Council District 6 Operating Budget. [Roderick Sanchez, Assistant City Manager; Razi Hosseini, Director, Public Works]
Ordinance amending the City Council Project Fund election year moratorium guidelines. [Ben Gorzell Jr., Chief Financial Officer; Emily McGinn, Assistant to City Council]
City Manager's Report
City Manager’s Report 
Executive Session

At any time during the meeting, the City Council may recess into executive session in the B Room to consult with the City Attorney's Office (Texas Government Code Section 551.071) and deliberate or discuss any of the following:
Economic development negotiations pursuant to Texas Government Code Section 551.087 (economic development).
The purchase, exchange, lease or value of real property pursuant to Texas Government Code Section 551.072 (real property).
Legal issues related to litigation involving the City pursuant to Texas Government Code Section 551.071 (consultation with attorney).
Legal issues relating to COVID-19 preparedness pursuant to Texas Government Code Section 551.071 (consultation with attorney).

6:00 P.M. – If the Council has not yet adjourned, the presiding officer shall entertain a motion to continue the council meeting, postpone the remaining items to the next council meeting date, or recess and reconvene the meeting at a specified time on the following day.

Posted on: 02/17/2023  01:20 PM