City of San Antonio

Planning Commission

Development and Business Services
1901 South Alamo

Monday, August 8, 2022 2:00 PM 1901 South Alamo
**Planning Commission Technical Advisory Committee**

Telephone Access: 210 206 5483

The Planning Commission Technical Advisory Committee (PCTAC) is a subcommittee that
advises the Planning Commission on matters as requested by the Commission. Members of the
PCTAC are appointed by the Planning Commission.


To watch and listen to this meeting, visit To listen to audio only, call 210 206 LIVE (5483).
Public Comment
Members of the public may provide comment on any agenda item, consistent with procedural rules governing the Planning Commission meetings and state law. Public comment may also be provided as follows:
1.  Submit written comments by email or mail by Monday August 8, 2022 by 8am to the case manager or drop off  written comments at 1901 S Alamo by Monday August 8, 2022 by 8am. Please include your full name, home or work address and item #. Written comments will be part of the official written record only.
2. Leave a voice message of a maximum of two minutes by dialing 210206(PLNG)7564 by Monday, August 8th by 8am. Your message will be played during the meeting. Please include your full name, home or work address and item #.
3. Sign up to give your comments live during the meeting by leaving your name, telephone number, and item on which you would like to speak on at 210206(PLNG)7564. City staff will call you when your item is up for discussion, but cannot guarantee a specific time after 2 pm. Once you join the call, you will be given two mintues to provide your comments.

*Note: Written comments, voicemails, and request to make comments during the live meeting must be received by Monday August 8, 2022 at 8am to give time for translation.

2:00 PM Call to Order
-Roll Call
-Public Comment
New Business
MAJOR THOROUGHFARE PLAN AMENDMENT: Consideration of a request to amend the Major Thoroughfare Plan, a component of the City of San Antonio Master Plan, by removing a proposed segment of Senior Road, a Secondary Arterial Type A requiring 86’ feet of right-of way, at the south end portion of the proposed arterial.  Staff recommends Approval. (Debora Gonzalez, Senior Transportation Planner, (210) 207-8085, [email protected], Transportation Department)
Old Business
Approval of minutes from May 9, 2022 meeting

                                                                                                                                                        Posted on: 08/03/2022  07:58 AM