City of San Antonio

City Commission on Veterans Affairs (VAC)

Monday, December 13, 2021 3:00 PM City of San Antonio District 4's Field Office at 5102 Old Pearsall Road, San Antonio, TX 78242.

The City Commission on Veterans Affairs (VAC) will hold its regular meeting in the City of San Antonio District 4's Field Office at 5102 Old Pearsall Road, San Antonio, TX 78242.  beginning at 3:00 PM. Once convened, the City Commission on Veterans Affairs (VAC) will take up the following items no sooner than the designated times.

Once a quorum is established, the City Commission on Veterans Affairs (VAC) shall consider the following:

Approval of Minutes
Approval of the minutes from the City Commision on Veteran Affairs meeting on 26 October 2021. 
Public Comments
Opportunity for Public Comments.
Briefing and Possible Action on the following items
Bylaws Subcommitee 
A. Update of proposed changes 
B. Update on way ahead 
C. Update on subcommittee meeting dates
Elizabeth Dole Foundation (EDF) Hidden Heroes City (HHC) Subcommitee
A. Committe self nominations
B. Self nomiations vote for appointment 
C. Discuss subcommittee meeting dates
VAC Calendar
A. Holiday Social scheduled for 14 Dec 2021
B. Veterans Support calendar update by OMVA
C. VAC meeting schedule review
    i. 18 Jan 22, D10 host, focus topic: behavior / mental health
    ii. 07 Feb 22, D9 host, focus topic: tbd 
    iii. 21 Mar 22, D8 host, focus topic: tbd
    iv. Tentative meetings need to confirm dates, host, and focus topics: 18 Apr 22, 16 May 22, 20 Jun 22, 18 Jul 22, 15 Aug 22, 19 Sep 22, 17 Oct 22, 14 Nov 22, 12 Dec 22. 
C. Discuss any upcoming events 
Special Interest Focus Topic (D8 Lead): 
A. Greenspace Discussion lead by OMVA 
B. Healthy Veterans program lead by D8
OMVA and District Updates 
A. OMVA any updates on projects / initatives related to districts
B. Districts provide brief update in order from D1-D10
C. Co-Chair Update
D. Chair Update
At any time during the meeting, the City Commission on Veterans Affairs (VAC) may meet in executive session by videoconference for consultation with the City Attorney's Office concerning attorney client matters under Chapter 551 of the Texas Government Code.
This meeting site is wheelchair accessible. The Accessible Entrance is located at the Municipal Plaza Building / Main Plaza Entrance. Auxiliary Aids and Services, including Deaf interpreters, must be requested forty-eight [48] hours prior to the meeting. For assistance, call (210) 207-7268 or 711 Texas Relay Service for the Deaf.
Intérpretes en español estarán disponibles durante la junta del consejo de la ciudad para los asistentes que lo requieran. También se proveerán intérpretes para los ciudadanos que deseen exponer su punto de vista al consejo de la ciudad. Para más información, llame al (210) 207-7253